“Here” and “there” have separated us.
For all my wandering is nothing more
than the distance between me and Thee.

The man who does not know
is ill-served by his conception
of what he seeks to learn. [...]
O my dear, moth-like soul!
He seeks an undiscovered Sun.
He aims himself at skies
Feeble wings have never flown.

What can be done?
Despondent and dejected
He turns from the Infinite
Ponders his privations
Laments his limits
Makes his plaint.

And thus I turned myself
To the deepest and darkest places.
To a night so black
It [...]
The mind is a capable container,
excellent at measuring;
it cannot, however,
replace the experience
of swimming in the deeps.

The compass of the mind
is whatever it can conceive;
but the bound of the heart
is all that it believes. [...]
Human beings are created as perfect instruments for perceiving and appreciating the Divine (i.e., “to know and to worship God”). Like any instrument we are governed by principles. Just as a car or a violin, in order for that instrument to achieve its best performance and maximum potential it must be used in accordance with its principles: properly tuned, used [...]
Throughout the world’s mystical literature, Bahá’í and otherwise, there is a recurring theme of the soul’s journey toward God from this plane of existence. It is a great journey, of many stages and degrees, sometimes counted as having thousands of individual levels. Yet in some of these books, this same journey of countless length is described as both accessible and [...]
The seeker’s true enemy is finding
for the event dispels his being.
Neither does a moth collect embers
nor any shadow become an expert on daylight.

Self is incompatible with love,
who abhors the line between “you” and “I”.
In the end, love itself is a mighty veil,
because what is yearning without separation?

The longing of a [...]